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Sports Medicine

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Sports Medicine services offered in Centennial and Boulder, CO

Playing sports has tremendous mental and physical health benefits, but injuries are almost inevitable. If you need an expert in Sports Medicine, visit the Breakthrough Regenerative Orthopedics office in Boulder or Centennial, Colorado, for first-class care. The practice’s experienced Sports Medicine specialists use the latest, proven techniques to get you back in the game without delay. Call your nearest office to learn more about sports medicine or schedule a consultation today via the online booking form.

What is sports medicine?

Sports medicine prevents and treats sports injuries and helps you improve your performance. Breakthrough Regenerative Orthopedics sees all types of athletes and physically active patients for acute and chronic conditions affecting the:

  • Joints (Osteoarthritis and cartilage injuries)
  • Tendons
  • Ligaments
  • Bones
  • Nerves

The experienced Sports Medicine experts also help you avoid future sports injuries and tailor your fitness regime to optimize your well-being and results.

What conditions might require Sports Medicine treatment?

Common injuries that might benefit from Sports Medicine treatment include:

Joint damage (Osteoarthritis and Cartilage injuries)

Cartilage, like the labrum surrounding the socket part of your hip or the meniscus in your knee, can tear under enough force. The articular cartilage on the ends of your bones could also suffer damage.

Tendinosis or Chronic Tendonitis / Bursitis

Tendons attach muscles to bones. They can degenerate over time get chronically overloaded, or suffer more acute strains and tears. They’re vulnerable to overuse injuries when you make the same movements repeatedly over long periods. Common overuse injuries include Achilles tendinitis in the ankle, tennis and golfer’s elbow, gluteal tendonitis/trochanteric bursitis and rotator cuff damage in the shoulder.  Regenerative treatments have been a game changer for tendon injuries and in appropriate cases can lead to long-term repair of partial tendon tears.


Ligament sprains

Ligaments connect the bones in your joints together to stabilize them, enabling you to move and enjoy joint stability. Under enough stress, ligaments can stretch too far, causing a mild sprain. In severe cases, they may tear partially or completely.  Common injuries are lateral ankle ligament sprains, ACL tears of the knee and SI ligament injuries in the posterior hip during pregnancy and falls.  Regenerative injections of ligament injuries have led to remarkable patient outcomes with improved joint stability, less pain and better function!

Muscle injuries

Cramping, strains, and tears are among the most frequent sports injuries.


Bone and joint injuries

Fractures are breaks in your bones. Dislocations occur when the bones in the joint separate, usually causing tendon, ligament, and/or muscle damage.

Chronic pain is often due to previous injuries failing to heal correctly. Overuse and trauma also accelerate osteoarthritis development (loss of cartilage in a joint) that leads to progressive inflammation and loss of protective cartilage in your joints.  Our regenerative treatments help slow down this process of osteoarthritis (OA) and are an excellent treatment for the pain and dysfunction of OA.

What Sports Medicine treatments might I need?

Traditional sports medicine treatments typically involved rest, taking anti-inflammatory medication, and applying ice packs and even potentially steroid injections.

At Breakthrough Regenerative Orthopedics, we follow more recent evidence that suggests one should avoid regular anti-inflammatory use after injury.  In fact, NSAIDs have been shown to lead to chronic pain in patients with acute back pain.  This is because inflammation is the first step to healing and shouldn't be prevented. 

We also avoid overuse of ice as this can impair bloodflow to the injured area if used excessively.  Short bouts are fine especially when using heat and ice alternately. 

Steroids now show evidence of soft tissue harm and can cause weakening of the tendon they are injected into.  An interesting study on tennis elbow showed that at 1 year follow-up for tennis elbow, that patients receiving PT and steroid shots did worse at the 1 year mark than patietns that had PT alone.

Thus, we focus on good PT, nutrition, sleep, and heat.  Shockwave, laser and infra-red light is also helpful for early treatment of sprains and strains.

In the event these treatments don't help, at Breakthrough Regenerative we offer the following treatments for persistent or more severe sports injuries include:

  • Dextrose prolotherapy
  • Ultrasound guided nerve hydrodissections
  • Extracorporeal pulse activation therapy (EPAT)
  • Focused shockwave therapy (FSW)
  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy
  • Microfragmented adipose tissue grafts (MFAT)
  • Bone marrow aspirate and bone marrow concentrate (BMA and BMC)
  • Subchondral (intraosseous) bone marrow concentrate

As you begin to recover, physical therapy is essential for proper healing. You might require chiropractic treatment or myofascial release for some conditions — Breakthrough Regenerative Orthopedics can refer you to trusted experts in these fields.

Call the office for more information on sports medicine or schedule a consultation online today.