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Rotator Cuff Repair

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Rotator Cuff Repair services offered in Centennial and Boulder, CO

The shoulder’s rotator cuff allows you to move your arm in a wide arc, so injuries can severely limit everyday function. At offices in Boulder and Centennial, Colorado, the sports medicine specialists at Breakthrough Regenerative Orthopedics offer comprehensive treatment to repair rotator cuff injuries without surgery. Call the nearest office or schedule a rotator cuff repair consultation by completing the online booking form.

What is the rotator cuff?

The rotator cuff comprises muscles and tendons that wrap around the bones forming your shoulder joint.

The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint, giving it a wide range of motion — the most extensive of any joint in your body. The socket (glenoid) is in your shoulder blade (scapula). The ball or humeral head is the top of your upper arm bone (humerus). The rotator cuff encircles these bones, enabling you to lift and rotate your arm.

Why might I need rotator cuff repair?

The shoulder’s extensive range of motion leaves it vulnerable to injuries from stretching, tearing, and overuse that damage the rotator cuff.

Sports that involve repeated overhead arm use, like baseball, tennis, and swimming, are especially likely to cause rotator cuff injuries. Jobs involving overhead work, like painting houses, also increase the risk of rotator cuff damage.

Mild strains usually respond well to rest, ice packs, physical therapy, and medication. If your symptoms don’t improve or the injury is more severe, your orthopedist might suggest more intensive rotator cuff repair treatments.

What does rotator cuff repair involve?

Breakthrough Regenerative Orthopedics specializes in nonsurgical treatments that use your body’s ability to heal itself. Options that could help with rotator cuff repair include:

Extracorporeal pulse activation therapy (EPAT)

EPAT uses pressure (shock) waves to reduce tissue tightness, nerve sensitivity, and adhesions, improve blood flow, and promote collagen (connective tissue) production.

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT)

Your provider might use an ESWT treatment called focused shockwave therapy (FSW) — the most powerful, clinically proven needle-free method of using pressure waves to improve blood flow, promote collagen production, and reduce nerve pain sensitivity.

Dextrose prolotherapy

Dextrose prolotherapy involves injecting a sugar solution into injured soft tissues, triggering your body’s natural healing reaction.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

PRP uses platelets from your blood to kickstart healing.

Microfragmented adipose tissue grafts (MFAT)

MFAT grafts come from your fat stores. They’re rich in collagen and provide the highest concentrations of mesenchymal stem cells obtainable from your body.

Bone marrow aspirate and bone marrow concentrate (BMA and BMC)

Bone marrow contains platelets, mesenchymal stem cells, and other substances vital to proper healing.

Using ultrasound imaging to ensure accuracy, your provider injects substances like PRP and MFAT directly into the damaged rotator cuff.

Call Breakthrough Regenerative Orthopedics for expert rotator cuff repair, or use the online booking form to schedule a consultation.