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"The Sweet Caudal”- The benefits of D5W caudal epidural injections for chronic low back pain.

In the study cited below, it was discovered that 66% patients suffering from chronic low back pain who underwent weekly to bi-weekly "sweet caudal" injections for four treatments, and then as needed for 1 year, experienced a pain reduction of 50 percent or greater (on the NRS pain score.)

These patients had various low back pain diagnoses including spinal stenosis, post-laminectomy pain, radiculopathy (a pinched nerve root which refers pain from the site of impingement elsewhere), peripheral neuropathy, and non-specific low back pain. The patients with radiculopathy had pain radiating into their legs or buttocks.

Not only did the majority of patients experience short term pain relief, but many also experienced long term pain relief and progressive reduction in disability through the 12 month period of time that the study followed them.

To read the whole article please click on the underlined link immediately below (preceding the article citation.)

Analgesic Effect and Potential Cumulative Benefit from Caudal Epidural D5W in Consecutive Participants with Chronic Low-Back and Buttock/Leg Pain

Liza Maniquis-Smigel, MD,1 Kenneth Dean Reeves, MD,2,* Howard Jeffrey Rosen, MD,3 John Lyftogt, MD,4 Cassie Graham-Coleman, RN,5 An-Lin Cheng, PhD,6 and David Rabago, MD7

Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer

J Altern Complement Med. 2018 Dec 1; 24(12): 1189–1196. Published online 2018 Dec 14. doi: 10.1089/acm.2018.0085 PMCID: PMC6308281 PMID: 29883193

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